The 2024 iPad Pro & iPad Air sleeves are available to order!


MacBook sleeves

Joli Originals MacBook sleeves are designed for the MacBook Air and for the MacBook Pro. And they are available in two different collections. The sleeves in both collections are made from the finest 100% woolfelt and premium Italian soft leather. We make the MacBook cases for the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro (with a retina display) and for the new 12" MacBook (with a retina display).

What's the difference?

Smooth Leather

The smooth leather is a deluxe full-grain waxed leather. The leather feels very smooth and ages beautifully as you use it, like an old vintage leather bag that lasts forever.

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Textured Leather

The textured leather is the same leather that is also used in luxury sports cars. It has a rough look and feels amazing.

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