The 2024 iPad Pro & iPad Air sleeves are available to order!




  • Immediately after you placed an order you will receive an order confirmation by email. Sometimes this email is seen as a spam message so make sure to also check your spam folder.
  • After we made and shipped your order we will send a shipping confirmation by email, if your order is shipped with tracking there is also a trackingnumber in this email.
  • If your order is not for yourself, please reply to the order confirmation email so we can add the right name to the package.

The shape of your sleeve:

Your sleeve can be a bit tight in the beginning, we made it that way. Leather is a natural material and it will stretch a tiny bit when you use your sleeve. It takes the shape of the device so eventually it will be perfect, which means not too tight, not to loose so it won’t fall out easily. To fasten this process you can put your device a few times in and out in different ways. Another possibility is let your device stay in the sleeve for a while.

Cleaning your sleeve:

  • If the wool lining gets dirty with dust you can clean it easily by using a lint roller / cleaning tape. 
  • If the leather gets dirty you can wipe it clean with a dry cloth. 
  • Never soak your sleeve in water! It can handle a few little drops of water, but always dry the sleeve immediately.

iPad sleeve for smartcover version or not?

We offer two different sleeves for the iPad mini and for the iPad Air. One for the naked iPad, one for the iPad in combination with Apple's Smart Cover. The sleeves only work for the listed combination, when using a naked iPad in a sleeve meant for the Smart Cover it will not have a perfect fit. If you plan to use it without the Smart Cover more often we advice to go for the normal sleeve and just take the Smart Cover or the Ultrathin Keyboard separately in your bag.

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Other questions?

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